The logo as a design product is an ID card of one company. For example, look at millionaires companies wide world. All of these companies are successful, and never changed their logo, they only occasionally corrected it according to trends. And why to leave your company to an unbelieving designer who will make your logo as it is for a street vendor.

As a graphic designer that loves to design logos, I’m ready to offer you a FREE logo concept in exchange for promoting me on social networks and suggesting me to your friends that own a business.


What will you get from me?


I will do 1 logo concept for your company based on the feedback you provide me. It will be a unique, creative and playful logo for FREE. You do not need to pay for non-unique logos on the websites that are providing non-vector files for your logo.

I will send you all the final files for the logo. It could be used for printing, web, marketing materials etc.

If you need unlimited revisions option, you must pay $30 dollars for that option. Click here to see other offers.


What you should do?


Send me an email with all the information about your business, your wishes, and your proposals. Also, I will need a basic proof that you have a business (for example FB page).

Share my website on your Instagram and Facebook stories and post.

Recommend me to your friends or acquaintance (minimum 3 persons)